Can You Quit Invisalign Early?

Can You Quit Invisalign Early?

There are a number of reasons as to why you might want to end your Invisalign treatment early. For instance, if your Invisalign braces are causing you too much pain, or if it’s all not what you’d anticipated it being.

Perhaps you’re simply just unhappy with your treatment. If this is the case, always arrange a consultation with your dentist before you make any firm decisions. Generally, though, it is never advisable to quit your Invisalign treatment early, even if you’re satisfied with the way your teeth look.


What happens if you quit Invisalign early?

No dentist can force you to continue your treatment if you don’t want to. But if you quit Invisalign early, you’ll face a number of negative consequences. Incomplete treatment can lead to your teeth being out of place and your bone structure around your jaw being weakened, due to the forced movement caused by the aligners you’ve already had.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll get a full refund, even if you quit within the first week. This is because you’re paying for the Invisalign lab work, as well as consultation fees and materials. Invisalign is expensive, which is why it’s crucial to commit to the process once you’ve started.


What are the disadvantages of quitting Invisalign early?

There’s an overwhelming amount of disadvantages to quitting Invisalign early. For one, you’ll often have to pay the full fees even if you’ve received only a week of treatment. You’re unlikely to get a refund because the dentists and lab technicians have already put a lot of work in to produce your Invisalign trays.

The obvious disadvantage is that you won’t get your desired look. Your teeth will remain crooked or gappy, and you won’t benefit from the beautiful end results that Invisalign can provide. In short, your treatment won’t work if you terminate it early.


How can I quit Invisalign early?

Quitting your Invisalign treatment early is never advisable, but you shouldn’t simply stop wearing your aligners one day. Always consult with your dentist if you’re having doubts or complaints about the treatment. They’ll try to put your mind at ease and encourage you to stick with it.

If you still want to leave the treatment early, you can. But you need to consult with your dentist and arrange the best course of action. This will depend entirely on how far along in the process you are. It’s easier to stop if you’ve just started, but you’ll still likely have to pay the full amount.


Why would you quit Invisalign early?

Invisalign isn’t for everyone, so it’s important you think long and hard before committing to the procedure. Some of the reasons you might want to quit Invisalign early include the fact that you’re already happy with your teeth, the treatment is not what you expected it to be, and the process is too painful.

Besides these, you might feel like you want to quit Invisalign because the treatment is simply taking too long. There are several factors that affect Invisalign treatment time, so it’s normal for the process to be a little longer than you previously anticipated. It all depends on how well your teeth respond to the treatment.


Who can quit Invisalign early?

Technically, anyone can quit Invisalign once they’ve started. Although you might have signed documents which bind you to the full payments, you can still end the process early. However, it’s very rare people do so and certainly not recommended.

Those for whom the treatment is causing too much pain can end it early, although they are often advised to simply put the process on hold while their other health complications are sorted. This might involve small fixes like jaw exercises but some people may also require surgery.


Can I cancel my Invisalign treatment?

Cancelling your Invisalign treatment before you begin is fine, although you may still incur some costs if the lab work has already started. If you want to cancel your Invisalign treatment during the process, this is a little trickier. It can be done, but it’s never advisable to do so.


What to do if you don’t want Invisalign anymore

If you suddenly feel like Invisalign treatment isn’t right for you, always talk to your dentist. They can offer you support during your treatment and can get you any help you need. Always contact and consult your dentist or orthodontist before you stop wearing your Invisalign retainers.


Can you finish Invisalign early?

Yes, you can finish Invisalign early. However, dentists will strongly advise you not to due to the overwhelming disadvantages you’ll face if you stop the treatment early. Always think carefully about whether you can commit to Invisalign, because you stand to lose a lot both financially and aesthetically if you don’t.

Before you commit to the treatment, remember that you’ll also have to wear a retainer after the main body of the Invisalign process is over. There are many reasons why a patient needs a retainer after orthodontic treatment, which you can find in our guide using the link provided.