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Dental Implants in Canterbury

If you have a severely damaged or missing tooth, dental implants offer a natural, long-lasting solution to restore your smile and rebuild your confidence.

While we always try to treat natural teeth, same-day crowns dental implants can be used to recover the function and aesthetics of your mouth when other restorative treatments are no longer possible. Our teeth implants are administered by medically-qualified dentists with decades of experience, so you can expect the highest standards of care during treatment.


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Our dental implants are custom-designed to fill gaps left by missing or extremely damaged teeth, and will restore symmetry to your smile. If your tooth is damaged beyond the point of restoration by a dental crown, we’ll find the best solution from a range of options including conventional implants, same-day crowns, immediate implants and bone grafts. Our treatments are quick, relatively pain-free, and deliver permanent results with appropriate care and maintenance.


What to expect from dental implants

We begin with an initial consultation and x-ray scan of the mouth to create a tailored treatment plan for your dental implants. At a later date, your dentist will make space for your implants in a process known as bone grafting before inserting the titanium material into the implant site. Once your artificial implant has grown into the jawbone, we’ll be able to fit the abutment and, after, your replacement tooth. The entire process can last anywhere between a couple of weeks or several months.

Dental implants before and after

Industry-leading client care

It’s natural to feel anxious about dental implants. During your visits, our friendly staff will work hard to help you feel at ease, listening to your concerns and answering any questions you may have about the procedure. Your comprehensive treatment plan will advise on the best at-home care, but we’re also just one call away if you need anything extra. For special accommodations, don’t hesitate to ask — we’re here to help.


Questions about dental implants

Upfront Treatment Plans

We build tailored treatment plans for optimal outcomes.

Interest-free Payment Solutions

Interest-free, flexible payment plans such as DentiCare are available.

Same-day appointments

Appointments are available for urgent dental work.


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