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Digital Smile Design in Canterbury

Dispel any doubts about your cosmetic dentistry work with Digital Smile Design (DSD), a state-of-the-art technology that allows patients to preview their results before treatment takes place — and even make their own changes to create a smile to their liking.

Accepting only the highest standards of service for our valued clients, we’re excited to offer DSD on all of our cosmetic treatments to provide predictable, custom-designed results. Achieve the smile you’ve always desired without any unwanted surprises at Dentistry in Canterbury.

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For a smile made to measure

We’re proud to sit at the forefront of the ever-evolving cosmetic dentistry field, investing in the latest training and technologies to provide the best results for our clients. Digital Smile Design, one of our most exciting innovations to date, allows you to play an active role in your journey to a bright, beautiful smile, giving you the freedom to make adjustments as you see fit. We won’t proceed to treatment until you’re completely satisfied with your design.

How Digital Smile Design works

Digital Smile Design uses ultra-modern dental mapping software to provide a digitally enhanced preview of your teeth. The process begins with a 3D scan of the mouth from various angles to screen its current structural and aesthetic layout. We’ll then discuss your smile goals, and suggest viable treatments to make them a reality. Taking into account your goals, face shape and oral needs, we’ll prepare mock-up images of your new smile for you to approve in your own time. Once satisfied, we can schedule your cosmetic treatment.

1. We take digital scans of your mouth, teeth and gums.

Your cosmetic dentist uses an intra-oral scanner to take 3D photos and videos of your mouth from all angles. They will take frontal and profile views with a full smile, face at rest, and retracted view of the mandibular and maxillary arches with teeth apart. This is so they can get an accurate representation of your current teeth.

2. We scan the images and present them on a screen

We view the digital library and explore treatments, so you can get an insight into what you can expect.

3. We discuss your smile goals.

DSD puts you in the driver’s seat. Talk to us about what you want to achieve and tell us what you don’t like about your teeth. You may wish for natural-looking, brighter teeth or teeth that are less crowded. Or, you might want straighter, more aligned teeth or teeth that are balanced in size and shape.

4. We show you mock-up images of your new smile.

Taking into account your goals, face shape, features and oral needs, our dentists will show you a preview of your end result. You’ll be able to view them in 3D and in print, so you can take them home and decide in your own time whether you’d like a smile makeover.

Once you are completely satisfied with the way your teeth and mouth look and no more revisions are made to your images, our dentists will then discuss the best way to move forward on your smile journey.

Digital Smile Design before and after

Feeling apprehensive about DSD is common. View Toorak Dental Studio’s “before and after” photos to see Digital Smile Design in action - and how we have transformed the smiles of many of our Melbourne patients.

Who is Digital Smile Design available to?

Our Digital Smile Design services are available as part of our treatments for Invisalign, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants and gum contouring, though we may also be able to preview your new smile with certain general dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments. Whatever your oral needs, we’ll take time to discuss your goals and find the perfect solution before committing to treatment.


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