Private Health Insurance

Dental health insurance in Australia

When paying for dental treatment in Australia, you can use your private health insurance to cover some of the costs. Insurance coverage varies widely depending on your chosen policy, but generally, common preventative treatments like oral examinations, cleaning and minor fillings will be eligible for an insurance claim. More complex procedures may require an extras policy.

Dentistry in Canterbury accepts all major Australian health insurance funds for eligible treatments and uses HICAPS to process on-the-spot claims so that you can recoup any expenses as quickly as possible.

How HICAPS works

HICAPS stands for Health Industry Claims and Payments Service. It’s an electronic healthcare claims system that’s connected with all major Australian health insurance funds and enables patients to make on-the-spot claims for eligible dental treatments.


Here’s how HICAPS works.

For Some Treatments

Bring your health insurance card

When it’s time to pay after treatment, you’ll be asked to present your private health insurance card. Our receptionists will swipe it through the HICAPS electronic clams terminal.

Complete a one-page form

Fill out a simple, one-page direct debit form to process your claim. There's no need for credit checks and you won’t have to provide any detailed financial information.

Pay the gap payment if required

All that remains is to pay any outstanding fees not covered by your insurance — this is referred to as a “gap payment”.


Questions about private health insurance

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