The Perfect Pout

Whether you have naturally occuring thin lips, or have lost volume of tissue in your lips (as part of the ageing process) we can help rebuild and create fuller lips using dermal fillers.

A dermal filler is a hyaluronic acid based gel which is placed under the skin to ‘prop’ it up and restore volume and give a more youthful appearance.
However, many of us are well aware of unnatural looking ‘fish’ lips in Hollywood and would like to avoid this scenario.
If you have ever considered a lip augmentation and are looking for a natural result, it is important to know the Golden Ratio.
In Cosmetic applications, this ratio produces proportions that are harmonious and pleasing to the human eye. When you see a woman with a top lip approaching equal size to her bottom lip, or with a top lip larger than her bottom lip, you assume she has had plastic surgery or fillers to acheive this result.
However, when you see a woman who has full lips with a proportion accproaching that of the Golden Ratio (so her bottom lip is 1.6 times larger than her top lip) you may be left wondering if she was just blessed with beautiful lips.
We are well aware that some people might find a larger top lip appealing (Kylie Jenner? Kylie’s doctor has paid NO regard to the Golden Ratio, and has almost certainly used more than 1ml of filler in her lips, making her look incredibly unnatural.), and perhaps even want it to be obvious that they have had fillers as a form of status symbol. However, at Dentistry in Canterbury we believe in achieving a natural result that enhances your beauty rather than making it look artificial.


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