Uses for Botox in Aesthetic Dentistry

Dynamic lines caused by the action of the muscles of facial expression can artificially age a person and have a significant impact on self-esteem. Botox Injections relax the action of the underlying muscles and minimise the resulting lines on the skin.

Traditionally, lines appearing on the forehead; between the eyes (glabellar region); and around the eyes (crow’s feet), have been the most common areas treated for aesthetic reasons, however the number of new uses for this remarkable substance has expanded substantially and now includes other areas of direct importance to cosmetic Dentists.

The treatment of TMJ disorders, tooth grinding (Bruxism), “gummy smiles” and many other conditions caused by undesired muscle action, can now be made simpler and less invasive through the use of Botox injections.

Owing to superior knowledge of facial anatomy; daily practical experience dealing with the functional and aesthetic aspects of muscles of the face; and an ability to provide accurate and comfortable injections; Dentists are among the most qualified people to be providing facial injections. Dr Julie Ghaly at Dentistry in Canterbury is now fully qualified to provide Botox treatments, call us on 9888 5555 to find out more.